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Time to leave Japan for another year.... it was a lot of hard work for just one point to end the back-to-back Asia leg, but it’s now time to fly home to prepare for our trip to the United States next week! #Japan #thankyou #timetofly #hometime #williamslife #f1 #travel at Japan


Time to leave Suzuka for another year.... it was a lot of hard work for just one point, but it could prove a very important point in our championship battle. Thank you Suzuka and to all the brilliant fans who came to support the race! #suzuka #f1 #japanesegp #goodnight #japan #travel #williamslife #thankyou at Suzuka Circuit - English


So that’s the Japanese GP done... and probably one the hardest fought points we have ever collected. Felipe finished 10th but was carrying a lot of damage throughout the race resulting in him struggling for pace. He really had to defend hard to hold on to P10. Lance unfortunately had a front right failure whilst running P14 which we are still investigating. He had switched to a two-stop strategy after an early stop due to a suspected puncture.... #japanesegp #f1 #race #weareracing #suzuka #championship #massa #stroll at Suzuka Circuit - English


The one and only Suzuka. The Japanese Grand Prix sees us travel to Asia for the last time in 2017. Formerly a test track, built by Honda in 1962, Suzuka hosted its first Formula One World Championship race in 1987 and has been a favourite for fans and drivers alike ever since. Its fast and flowing nature, as well as the fact it's the only figure of eight configured circuit on the calendar, provides a real challenge for the drivers and makes it truly unique #f1 #japan #williamslife #suzuka #travelgram #instatravel #japanesegp 📸@lorenzobellanca27 at Suzuka Circuit


Just had a visitor to our Hospitality ahead othe Race! Shisa is a traditional Ryukyuan cultural artefact and decoration from Okinawan mythology, believed to protect people from evil spirits. Pairs of Shisa are placed on rooftops or at the gates to houses, the left one with a closed mouth and the right with an open mouth. The open mouth wards off evil, while the closed mouth keeps good spirits in #williamslife #f1 #travel #instatravel #japan #culture #tradition #japanesegp 📸@lorenzobellanca27 at Suzuka Circuit - English


Don’t worry! If you’re visiting Japan you might think 130 Japanese yen is expensive for a drink, but it’s not. It actually only comes out at £0.80 or €1.20! “Ramune” is a popular Japanese drink. It is a carbonated soft drink originally created and sold in Japan which was introduced in Kobe by Alexander Cameron Sim. The name is derived from the English word lemonade transliterated into Japanese. Ramune is widely known for the distinctive design of its bottle, often called Codd-neck bottles after the inventor, Hiram Codd. They are made of glass and sealed with a marble; the codd head is held in place by the pressure of the carbonation in the drink. To open the bottle, a device to push the marble inward is provided. The marble is pushed inside the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking. Therefore, the drinks are sometimes called "marble soda" outside Japan #williamslife #travelgram #instatravel #japan #f1 📸@lorenzobellanca27


A race track AND a theme park? Yep, that’s right! Motopia Theme Park is based at Suzuka circuit, as the circuit owners wanted to attract a larger, wider audience of all ages. Initially the park was called Jidosha Yuenchi (Motorcar Amusement Park), where the present-day Motopia all started. Motopia's concept calls for the pursuit of fun and excitement in manoeuvring a ride and for the facility to provide the feeling of achievement from a successful challenge. Sign us up, we’re in! #f1 #travel #suzuka #japan #williamslife #instatravel #japanesegp #weareracing 📸@lorenzobellanca27 at Suzuka Circuit


We might be coming up to Halloween but this isn’t a post about pumpkins! No, this is a Japanese lantern, which actually originated from Chinese lighting technologies during the ancient times. They are made from paper or silk, with the frame made from bamboo or wood and a lit candle inside as a source of light. Modern paper lanterns have battery-operated lamps. Traditional paper lanterns were made in the image of myths, things from nature and or in the spirit of local culture. Modern ones have many more different shapes: from traditional dragons to pop icons. They symbolize joy, celebration, good fortune and longevity, and they have role as protectors from evil. They were introduced in Japan as a way of honouring Buddha #f1 #williamslife #japan #suzuka #instatravel #travel 📸@lorenzobellanca27


Qualifying over here in Suzuka and after finishing the session with Felipe P9 and Lance P18, they will line up 8th and 15th following several grid penalties being applied to others.... here’s looking forward to a great race! #f1 #suzuka #japanesegp #Qualifying #weareracing at Suzuka Circuit - English


Track action underway at Suzuka. The favourite track of many people in the team, and one the drivers all seem to enjoy the challenge of! #japan #f1 #japanesegp #weareracing at Suzuka Circuit


An itamae is a cook in a Japanese kitchen, or a chef in larger restaurants (especially of high-end Japanese cuisine). The term can be translated literally as "in front of the board", referring to a cutting board. While it is not necessary to be Japanese in order to be considered an itamae, non-Japanese must prove themselves worthy of such a title. Dave Lowry, in his book "The Connoisseur' s Guide to Sushi: Everything You Need to Know About Sushi" describes four criteria to judge a good itamae: How he handles the food; How he handles his knives; How he treats his clients; How he behaves, moves and works #f1 #japan #travel #williamslife #instatravel #sushi #instafood #japanesegp 📸@lorenzobellanca27 at Japan


If you’re a fan of Formula One then we expect you’ll be a fan of these. Japan’s high speed bullet trains, also known as Shinkansen trains, provide an experience like no other with speeds reaching up to 320 km/hr! Imagine that going through Spoon or 130R! The main Shinkansen lines with bullet trains include Tokaido, Sanyo, Tohoku, Joetsu, Nagano and Kyushu. Popular routes include Tokyo to Osaka and Tokyo to Nagano #f1 #travel #travelgram #tokyo #japan #williamslife 📸@lorenzobellanca27

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