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I help women break free from diets + 🚫 food anxiety. Learn to nourish your body while getting curvy fit πŸ‘ -HIIT + πŸ’ͺ>Cardio Let's get started ⬇

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"Don't lift weights. You will look manly. You will get bulky. Ewww" . Me: Lololol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . First off, you can't get bulky darling. We don't produce enough testosterone for that to even happen. You would have to eat a shit ton...like A TON! And you would have to take some roids for that to happen. . Lifting weights actually is what makes the "toned" look for women. You can't get toned from the elliptical, treadmill, or 2lbs weights. You will lose some weight, but your body is smart. It adapts to the cardio, which means your body won't expand as much energy (aka burn those calories), and that's means your metabloslim will slow down. . So if you're a cardio bunny and you're afraid of lifting weights, don't be! If you're struggling to see the progress you want, then girlfriend it's time to start weightlifting. I promise, you'll LOVE it. . Lifting weights burns calories not only in that time of working out, but actually through out the day! Building lean muscles mass helps with this! Also, this helps prevent osteoporosis in the future, and helps with longevity. All that cardio can put way to much stress on your body. This is no joke! . Tell me, are you lifting weights? πŸ€” . If this is something you're struggling with, let's chat! I am taking on amazing women to join my "Ditch the diet and Gain the Curves" course! Get your very own customized program fit for you! . #liftweights #coaching #fitnesslifestyle #faith #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #youcandoit #willowspearsfit #curvyfit #musclesandcurves #dontbescaredtolift #womenandweights #becomethetrueyou #burnfatgaincurves #fit #ditchthediet at Wilmington, North Carolina


Ladies, let's talk about reality. This is a 5 second transformation. This is reality on the left side. Both of these pics are me, and always will be me. . Instagram is filled with so much fitness inspiration and body goals, and we end up getting lost in the "body goal" stress mindset. The real mindset you need is you feeling happy about yourself and loving yourself everyday no matter where you're at. Because if you can't do that now, it's going to be so hard to do it when you reach that goal. . I'm not saying you shouldn't have your goals to reach (I'm still working on myself love!), I'm simply saying you need to have the right mindset about it. On the right is not me everyday, but I have worked hard to get there. On the left is me and I'm happy with it always. ❀ . Getting to this point wasn't a quick fix (never is and not the way to go), but it was a journey that was well worth it and still is. . Remember, baby steps. You are beautiful in your own way and you can reach those goals. So don't get caught up in the "instafit" world and do it for you. Do it for strength, health, energy, and happiness. #loveyourselfeveryday . If you are struggling to accept yourself and start your journey, I completely understand. I WAS RIGHT THERE 2 YEARS AGO. But you can do it. ❀ . Tell me, what's something you truly love about yourself? Mine is my smile 😁 . #affirmations #acceptyourself #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #flexvsunflex #faith #youarestrong #health #reality #fitness at Wilmington, North Carolina


I doubted myself so much in the past. . I never thought I could get past diets that took over me. I thought I always had to be on one in order to get results. I thought I had to do 2 hours of cardio daily, because that was "the only way". . Boy, was I wrong. Is this you right now? . Two years ago I decided to change. I decided I will no longer be on a diet or kill myself at the gym. I decided to start loving myself, taking care of myself, and being true to myself. . I don't diet, I nourish my body with balance. I don't spend two hours at the gym 7 days a week, I go 4-5 days a week for 1 hour or less! I don't look at myself with frustration, I look at it with love. . With all this, I have compleltey changed my mindset. This is EVERYTHING when it come to reaching your goals or completely changing your life around. I stopped looking into fear as something bad, and started using it for something good. I let it drive me towards a new path. . If you are struggling yo find a balance, sick of the diets and hours of cardio, and just want freedom to love yourself, I FEEL YOU. Girl, this doesn't have to be your life, because you have the power to change it. Want to learn? First, let's chat. ❀ . Book a call with me and I will show you how you can start living the life you want right now. ❀ Go to the link in my bio or senf me a DM! . #maketimeforyou #starttoday #fitnesslifestyle #faith #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopthediets #nourishthebody #healthemind #youcandoit #stopcomparing #smiledaily #foreverblessed #happinessoverfear #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopthehoursofcardio #balance at Wilmington, North Carolina


Do you struggle to reach your goals but don't know why? . Have you ever realized it's the way you think? Yes, your thought patterns have to do alot with success and achievement. You will get nowhere close to your goals if you have a poor view of your actions. . So next time you go to the gym, put more greens on your plate, or choose to make better choices, tell yourself why you're doing it. . Is it to feel better and have more energy? Is it to lose 10lbs and keep it off? Or is it to look damn sexy and feel it too? IT CAN BE ANYTHING, but it needs to be from your heart. You can try every diet, every program, or every quick Pinterest search to lose 15lbs in two weeks...but you will get nowhere without the right mindset. . Your thoughts need to be aligned to a positive, grateful, and humble path in order to fully receive your accomplished goal. . Do it right now. Whatever your goal is, right down why you are doing it. Really believe in the words you think and let it come from your heart. Start telling yourself this everyday, and I promise your journey will be so much better. ❀ . #mindset #changeyourthoughts #positiveoutlooks #fitnesslifestyle #faith #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopthediets #nourishthebody #strength #learntobegrateful #fit #nourishthebody #healthymind #becomethetrueyou #willowspearsfit at Wilmington, North Carolina


Happy 4th of July lovelies. I hope you all are having an amazing and blessed day. Be grateful for today and for the people who fought and still fight for our freedom. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ . Be safe, have fun, and remember to be grateful. Also, it's ok to have a day full of good food, beers, and laughter! Don't stress to much on this. ❀ . Here's some tips to help you get through the holiday indulgences.😘 . 1. Be active. Go to the beach, play some football, or just go for a walk. This will not only helps burn off some calories, but it's so much fun! Get that blood flowing! . 2. Drink lots of water. Add lemon too. Helps with digestion. . 3. Just move forward. Have your day, love it, and move forward. It's ok. I promise. Have that cupcake or burger. Love it, and move forward. Listen to your body. I know you can. . #happy4thofjuly #freedom #youareblessed #dontstressoverthefood #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #intuitiveeating #holidayfood #begrateful #fitnessandfood #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach at Wilmington, North Carolina


These words have such an amazing impact, but only if you truly believe in them. . I tell my clients, friends, and even strangers this. But I also make sure to tell them to really believe in those words. Tell you yourself those words with a heart full of faith. That's the only way. . You can do it, know that. Just always know, in order to truly make an impact, you must believe in yourself 100%. Not 25%, 48% or even 99.2%. Go a complete 100%, because I know you can. ❀ . You know you can. . What goals are you striving for the rest of the year? 😊❀😊 . #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #smiledaily #foreverblessed #happinessoverfear #nourishthebody #healthemind #youcandoit. #dontletthoughtsbullyyou #believeinyou at Wilmington, North Carolina


Want to eat pizza and lose weight? . HELL YES. . You probably think I'm crazy, but you can girl. I used to think the only way was with broccoli and chicken...well freaking dry chicken lol. Ugh...nasty. πŸ˜‚ #nodietlife . I never thought I could eat pizza and still get results, but guess what I did and so can you. . We shouldn't have to restrict ourselves. We should eat foods we love and learn how to nourish our bodies. Diets are a complete fail and not a lifestyle. Are you still on one? Not worth it isn't it? . Well you're in luck. If you still struggle with food, and are freaking tired of diets, then let me show you how to break up with the diets! Learn how to still enjoy you favorite foods with balance, eat to nourish your body, and get the freedom you want! . Tell me, what are your favorite toppings for your pizza? πŸ• I love tons of veggies, with feta cheese or vegan cheese (like to switch it up 😜), and a rich marinara sauce. . πŸ“Έ @arkaidywisniowska . #eatpizzaandloseweight #nomorediets #foodhealing #food #treatyourbodyright #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopthediets #nourishthebody at Wilmington, North Carolina


When I first started out with my new and improved self with food and fitness, I didnt realize I had to change one thing first. I needed to change my mindset. . I thought I could just do it...or wing it as they say, but I was wrong. . In order to really be passionate, energized, and ready to change your life, you need to change your mindset. If not, you will only go through the motions. Keeping up? Yes? Good. . Trust me, I was so passionate to lose the body fat, become healthier, and start living in freedom. All of this didn't work until I changed one thing first, and that is my mindset. The way I put things into perspective and really listen. The way I start my morning with a positive and 100% ready to go attitude, and not some half-ass thought of it. This all mattered. . Do you struggle still after all the work you do? Have you ever realized it's yourself holding you back. . I never got to where I am today: eating better and no diets, nourishing my body and gaining my health back, and creating the body and mind I love. I got results doing this one thing first, CHANGING MY MINDSET. . You can accomplish your goals, trust me. You csn workout and do better on your eating habits, But without changing the mental block, you will never get there 100%. . Tell me, have you changed your mindset? . #changeyourmindset #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #smiledaily #foreverblessed #happinessoverfear #nourishthebody #healthybody #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopthediets #nourishthebody #onlinefitnesscoach #mindsetchange at Wilmington, North Carolina


I remember the days I would try to avoid dinner just to reduce my calories. 😡 . I would go out and eat what wasn’t carbs or fats...and come up with some kind of excuse that I was not hungry. I would go to my room, lock my door, and turn on the music. I would start exercising for the 3rd time that day trying to burn off the calories. . This was me for 3 years. I was so scared of not losing weight. I had this mental block that If I don’t burn off the food, I will never stay the number I want on the scale. Do you resonate with this? . During this time, I would be so hungry, I would go to the kitchen to find anything to eat. I would eat out of frustration. I told myself I was a failure once more because I β€œcheated” myself again. This hurt so much, but I did it anyways. I did it to only punish myself with restriction and cardio sessions. I put weight on faster than ever from this. My anxiety ⬆️ and my confidence ⬇️ even more. . I went through these cycles for years, until I decided I wanted to do a bikini competition in just to lose the weight again.Β  I thought this was the only way. IT IS NOT AND IT’S NEVER THE WAY. It’s unrealistic to walk around like that, and I felt miserable. And then it happened, the yo-yo diet/binge. I went through this cycle of underweight to gaining too much weight, and I was completely hurt from it AGAIN. . Is this you right now? Going through the constant cycles of weight changes and never finding your balance? Or just can’t find a way to find balance? I FEEL YOU. I just wanted freedom so bad. I wanted to eat food and not be scared. I wanted to feel sexy in my skin and love every inch of me. I wanted to be physically and mentally strong. . It finally clicked, and I did that. I said no more. I began to find my balance. I found freedom with food and gained my confidence back with my body by losing the body fat I struggled with. I know so many women struggle in this. I want to let you know right now, that you can do this, you can change your life right now. . Tell me, did this message resonate with you? If so, I would love to know. ❀ at Wilmington, North Carolina


For all my dear friends, know this. To all the amazing women I have helped and mean so much too me, know this. And all the inspiring women out there now, know this. ❀ . No need For a long post today, but something simple to remind you that you are beautiful in your own way. Own it, rock it, and love it. . Be your own kind of beautiful.πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• . Tag a friend or more who would love this! I know it will make their day. . . #youarebeautiful #youareenough #healthandfitness #smiledaily #foreverblessed #happinessoverfear #nourishthebody #healthemind #willowspearsfit #foralltheamazingwomen #ownyourbeauty at Wilmington, North Carolina


Cardio is a big fat lie. 😡 . Killing yourself on the treadmill for hours a week might work at first, but guess what, your body is smart. In time, your body will adapt to this. Are you a cardio queen? Are you starting to realize you have to up the cardio and lower the food intake just to see a pound drop? It so, then it’s time to realize that you will not see results doing this. . This is coming from someone who slaved hours a day doing cardio because I thought that was the only way to burn the fat off. Actually it was only burning the muscle mass I had and creating a slower metabolism. Yep, I gained weight upping my cardio and lower my food intake. . I didn’t understand this, until I realized I was putting so much stress on my body and joints. Bad knees? Yep I got those from the constant runs and overuse. . Is cardio bad then? Nope not at all, but too much of something can lead to bad effects. Cardio is great for the heart, recovery, or just to simple get the blood pumping. If you are trying to lose weight (burn the fat), and keep it off, then just doing cardio will NOT give you the results you want. PERIOD. . Then what is? Healthy choices with food, weight training, HIIT, and learning how to rest! That is how I made results. . This is it right here. This is how I went from skinny fat/gaining weight, to strong and defined curves. . I might not have a 6-pack, but I am proud to say I am healthy, happy, and feel so much better. . If you are struggling to lose the weight you have been trying your hardest to get rid of, then book a call with me using the link in my bio. Let’s see what you are struggling with and how I can help you! Stop the hours at the gym and the ridiculous diets, and learn how to get results and live you life at the same time! . #ditchthediet #get curves #loveyourselfeveryday #buildingcurves #nomorediets #foodhealing #food #hiitandstrength #fitnesscoach #buildingmypassion #keepgoing #iam1stphorm #fitness #stopcomparing #learntotrainright at Wilmington, North Carolina


Part 2: You deserve to be happy. . You deserve to feel amazing, free, and alive. . You deserve to have abundance amounts of energy and fun. . You deserve to love your body, care for it, and know you are gorgeous. . Don't ever think less of yourself, because you are more than enough. You are capable of doing amazing things, you are stronger than you realize, and you are AMAZING. . If you know this speaks to you, give me some ❀❀❀. . #youdeserveit #happinessoverfear #nourishthebody #healthymind #strongereveryday #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #smiledaily #foreverblessed at Wilmington, North Carolina


What if I told you that your happiness can grow within seconds, and those little things that stress you out can diminish. That feeling of being overwhelmed and lost, can turn into laughter and strength. Those little moments of doubts can turn into little moments of triumph. . Have you ever just went a day or a whole week, feeling defeated, unhappy, or just uncomfortable? I know how you feel. I let all my fears take over and consume me before. . I went on with my day feeling doubtful or lost. I thought that was just how I was supposed to be. Going through the motions, I would eat out of emotion and not health. I never took care of me, and stressed daily about things (how I looked or what I was doing) that ended up make me exhausted. And drowned myself in hours of cardio to punish my actions, which I thought that was the only way. . Is this speaking to you? Are you feeling completely lost? Are you doing this? IT IS OK. . Let me tell you this, you deserve to be happy. Always and forever. What you are going though right now is not forever. Promise. I thought I would never get over my food anxiety, feel good in my skin, or just feel better and become healthier. But guess what I did. I'm stronger, happier and more alive than ever. And you can feel the same. . . You deserve happiness, play, love, and freedom. Remember that. If this speaks to you, I would love to know. If you are struggling with finding balance with food, exercise, and overall health, I would love to know. Girl, you are more than enough. Remember that. πŸ’• . . #happinessisdeserved #youcandoit. #nomorediets #nomorerestriction #healthandhappiness #becomethetrueyou #theintuitiveway #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #youcanbecomestronger #letfeardriveyou at Wilmington, North Carolina


Going the extreme is not for everyone...in fact, it's not worth it. I'm smiling in both pics, but there is only one girl that is truly happy. That girl is the one who is displayed on the left. . When I competed, I wasn't in the right mindset to do it bit i did it anyways...i was overconsumed by how much a weighed. Less the better, right? WRONG. Before competing, I already struggled with food and exercise, and I was obsessed with it. I don't have alot of pics from this past, because I truly wasn't happy. Let's just say, I lost so much of myself during this. I eventually let it control me and my anxiety got worse, that it led to binges. I packed on 30lbs before I competed. All this because of stress and not loving myself. You might think wow, but you lost it all? Yes and no. I lost the weight for the competition, but I was eating 1000 calories a day and working out for 2+ hours. I FELT LIKE DEATH. Guess what happened after the show? I PACKED ON THE 40lbs Of FAT in about 2 months. This is not muscle...Yes I binged out of control, yo-yo my way through this, and tried my best to burn it off with cardio. All this stress caused my body to be in so much shock, that no matter what I did, it didn't work. At least that's what I thought. I thought I was broken. . How many of you been on this cycle of losing an gaining weight over and over again? Sucks right? You feel horrible...i know. I know this so much. . But what changed? The girl on the left. This girl found balance, life, and love with herself. Food to me is for nourishment and energy. I no longer let it control me. I found strength and power with my training, and my body loves it. I even got my πŸ‘ back. Lol. . . I didn't lose the 40lbs I gained, I only lost about 8lbs. You like probably don't believe me, but it's true. I never realized that I would love myself at this weight, but I do. Don't let the scale fool you, because it's COMPLETELY false. I realized that I didn't have to be a certain number on the scale to accept myself. All I needed was to feel happy, free, and healthy. . . If you struggling with this, know that you are not alone. Restriction is not the way to go. Tell me, what are you struggling with? at Wilmington, North Carolina


Hey gorgeous, I wanted to tell you that you are doing great. I know some days can be beyond hard to figure out, but that it ok. Keep going. Smile and keep going. I want you to know this: ❀ You are AMAZING ❀ You are enough ❀ You will and can succeed ❀ You are loved ❀ You are made to do amazing things ❀ Your beauty is stunning ------- I know Monday can seem like another day to start another week, but take this day and make it amazing. Be blessed to have it. Tell yourself the things I said above and truly believe in them. πŸ’• You monday is going to great. You got this girl. 🌟 . . . πŸ“Έ @arkaidywisniowska #blessedforanotherday #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #fitnesscoach #youareenough #healthandfitness #smiledaily #foreverblessed #happinessoverfear #nourishthebody at Wilmington, North Carolina


"I don't want to get big, so I only do cardio." "Why am I not losing weight? I would like to look toned." "I make sure to get an 2 hours of cardio everyday." . This is what I hear daily. Look ladies, you will not get bulky from lifting weight, unless you're popping yourself with roids or eating a surplus (I mean ALOT) of calories. I thought the only way to lose weight was to get my butt on an elliptical! Nope I only lost my πŸ‘ in the end and started packing on weight in my stomach. I was stressing my body out so much, losing muscle, and creating a train wreck. . In the end I learned, and I realized this is not healthy or long term. I'm not here to be stage lean (not for me), but I am here to crest a strong and healthy body that I love. You can lose the weight, you can look amazing, and you can feel like a damn queen! You can do all this without starvation diets and hours or cardio. You want that toned look? Pick up the weights. You want to lose body fat? Combine weights and HIIT. You want to feel like a queen? Give yours a whole food diet to nourish your body. Still lost? That's ok. I can help you because I was there before. Apply for my 1-1 coaching and let's book a call. I would love to chat and see where you want to be at! Learn how to stop dieting and get the body you want and love. . #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #youcandoit #theintuitiveway #willowspearsfit #healthcoach #learningtogrow #challenge #neversettle #healyourbody #healyourmind #peachgains #strength #hiitandfatloss #eattonourish #findingbalance #gainingweightright #curves #foodhealing #stopthecardioqueen #letsdoit at Wilmington, North Carolina


Let your fears drive you. For the longest time, I let them control me. . They controlled how I felt about me and the choices I made. I was so scared of making the wrong mistake, not looking the best, or being enough. Have you ever felt like this? . . My fears took over my life and drained me mentally and physically. I was terrified and lost. "I want to be free from food and love me" were the words from my mouth. Sitting in bed, trying to figure out why I wasn't seeing any results. I was doing the hours of cardio, was eating the chicken and broccoli, and skipping the carbs. I was doing everything "right". WRONG. . . Fear will always be there. No such thing as fearless, but that doesn't mean you have to let it control you. I learned how to take my fear and let it drive me forward. I let it grow me into a better person and healthier person. Food doesn't control me, fitness doesn't control me, my thoughts don't control me, and fear doesn't have any control. . . Do you struggle with fear? The fear of failure? The fear of never getting to your weight loss goals, or becoming a healthier and happier version of you? Don't be. YOU CAN DO IT. Let me show you how. Apply for my 1-1 coaching and let's book a call. Let me show you how to stop the diets, have food freedom, and get the results you are looking for. . . #letfeardriveyou #foodisnottheenemy #youarestrong #health #fitnesscoach #fitnessandhappiness #stopcomparing #youcandoit #youaremorethanenough #stopthediets #nourishthebody #healthemind #fatloss #intuitiveeating #theintuitiveway #willowspearsfit at Wilmington, North Carolina


Have you ever told yourself this? If so, do you believe it? Well you should. EVERYDAY. . Take this, write it down, and say it everyday. . You are enough everyday, and you can accomplish anything you have your goals set on. . . Daily, I go over affirmations. I have post its everywhere in my house. I make sure I see them, say them, and believe them. . Tell me, do you write out affirmations? If so, tell me one that you currently say to yourself. Love hearing positives words. ❀ . . . #affirmationsdaily #sharekindwords #postivethoughts #healyourmind #fitnessandhappiness #foodanxiety #anxietyhealing #happinessoverfear #contentment #meditation #beatfear #breathe #smileoften #fitnesscoach #youareenough #health #theintuitiveway at Wilmington, North Carolina


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