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Wing it finds destinations based on a trip budget for spontaneous people who just need to get the f*ck out of town.👇🏻Download the app! #WingitTravel Similar users

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Creating memories with good friends under the Northern light of Iceland. Does it get any better? Photography by @donalboyd. #WingitTravel. at Iceland


Magical scenes captured in Mexico. Photography by @rodtrvn at Mexico City, Mexico


Share the good memories, then capture them and they'll last a lifetime. Photograph by @helloemilie. #WingitTravel. at New South Wales


Wondering the lush Forrest trails in Tasmania, Australia. Photography by @grahamnking at Cradle Mountain


Pristine waterfalls flowing through the valley's of Victoria, Australia. Photography by @jedforster. #WingitTravel. at Hopetoun Falls


Our beautiful planet is too amazing not to explore. Photography by @jasoncharleshill. #WingitTravel. at New Zealand


Just get out and explore, what is holding you back? Photography by @someguy. #WingitTravel.


They say you should do one thing that scares you every day. Hanging your feet out of a helicopter definitely is scary. But, what a good feeling it is. Photography by @rodtrvn. #WingitTravel. at Banff, Alberta


Golden light and New York City. Can you name a better combo? Photography by @swopes. #WingitTravel. at New York, New York


Soaking in the Moody coastlines of the Faroe Islands. Photography by @pangea. #WingitTravel at Faroe Islands


Traveling is always about the destination, but the in between can be just as beautiful. Photography by @joeleep. #WingitTravel. at Wellington, New Zealand


Treasure the memories that are created from good times, traveling and exploring, they are invaluable. Photography by @ultrabrad. #WingitTravel. at Uinta Mountains


There is just simply no better feeling than the one of which received when exploring. Canada, you are breathtaking. Photography by @jasoncharleshill. #WingitTravel. at Canada


Soaking up some afternoon sun at the Virgin Islands National Park. Does it get any better than this? Photography by @reneeroaming. #WingitTravel. at Virgin Islands National Park


Oregon is a seriously beautiful part of the world. Photography by @lostintheforrest. #WingitTravel. at Oregon


Flying towards the Golden light, high above the city of Melbourne. Photography by @vincentcogliandro. #WingitTravel. at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Chase a sunset, there's no feeling like catching that last ray of light. Photography by @leiomclaren. #WingitTravel. at Yosemite National Park


Surfing the crystal clear waves of the Maldives. Photography by @mrbenbrown. #WingitTravel. at Maldives

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