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I often look at this pine growing parallel to the water right out of the cliffside. It reminds me that even though we may not be moving in the direction we were intended to, we are still growing, still make my moves, still pushing forward. Don’t force yourself in a direction that doesn’t feel right, go your own way, even if you’re the only one going in that direction❤️🌲🌊


. Time Flies Electric Skies at Trappers Turn Golf Club


I remember thinking to myself when I took this picture in late December if we were going to get a big dumping of snow this year or not. WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOL 😂 Wishing this was the amount of snow we had on the ground again. at Lower Ochsner Park


It’s disgusting, cold, and super snowy here in Wisconsin right now so I thought there was no better time to share this photo I took of the beautiful @blingblange sunbathing in sunflowers this past summer ❤️🌻🌞 at Wisconsin


. Dreaming of summer and warmer weather Woodland wandering in a chiffon dress Scraped knees and skipping stones at Stavkirke Church


Morning view at Baraboo, Wisconsin


Me and you You and me So happy together at Baraboo, Wisconsin


There is no better #fbf than one from fall 🍁🍃🍂, especially when all of Wisconsin is brown and grey 😞 at Merrimac, Wisconsin


Ered Luin 💙🏔 at Devil's Lake State Park


It's a long way from apple season but the sunsets you see from Ski Hi hill are equally delicious. at Ski Hi Fruit Farm


Energy is what fills the universe Energy is what comes and goes Consciousness is what defines the energy Under that consciousness we're each in touch with all of it at Ski Hi Fruit Farm


Same old tricks in new disguises My only picture from our recent polar vortex. at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


When we’re in for colder weather, look for me on the divide. at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Doing a crossover fashion post today in honor of seeing my best friend @janelove414, Who I have not seen in months! We may return to this beautiful and sacred place today so I thought it only fitting to share a picture from the last time we did a photo shoot together there. ❤️🌲🌊✨ Model: @janelove414 Photog, Designer, HMUA: @rfdrachelfrank at Baraboo, Wisconsin


This Cambrian sandstone is over 500 million years old. Every line, every bump, every divot, every sharp edge, every curve, every bright and every dark spot tells a story of it's history, just like a person's life. With a single glance it's as if you can see where it came from, what it has been through. Every line and every scar plays an important part in sculpting you into the masterpiece you are, just like the sandstone. It was once at the bottom of an ocean, I doubt it ever thought it would see the light of day, yet here it stands, molded by it's surroundings, defying the odds. at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Only for a moment I faced the world unknown Then there you were Waiting for me I knew I must be home at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Usually when looking at my film after going on a woodland adventure there is a clear winner, the one image that sticks out to me as THE ONE! The first one I edit! But this time is just wasn't that easy. As I journeyed deep into the arbor, treking through 15 inches of fresh fallen snow, I couldn't help but stop every few feet to look around with my mouth agape at the winter wonderland that was unfolding in front of me. I couldn't feel the cold, only the history of this beautiful place. Thousands upon thousands of 100 year old trees, every branch perfectly articulated by inches of snow. Billion year old rock formations in just about every color and texture imaginable. To be truly alone in a place so grand, with only the sound of the howling wind behind me. HOW CAN I PICK?! Guess I'll start with this one ❤️ Look at those little frozen fern fronds! 🌿 at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin


Praying for all living things without shelter as these temperatures plummet. I wish I had a big barn I could put them all in 😭❤️❄️🌬🙏 at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

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