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A growing network of women dedicated to closing the diversity gap in tech. Tune into our story takeovers for advice from #womenintech

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Imagine a world ruled by intuition, awareness, and care. 🌍🌏🌎


Today we're featuring @amaliaclairee, Programmer at Galvanize. She discusses her experiences learning how to code: she attended workshops, conferences, online courses, and nighttime courses until she ended up enrolling in the Galvanize Bootcamp in Seattle, where she now works. A tech influencer, she aspires to change the narrative of what it takes to be an engineer--one video, one post, one interactive at a time.


Your character and drive will open doors that talent can't. - Photo via @atlasobscura


In today's story, Esther Marie shares how she journeyed from sad military wife and Mom recovering from her husband's traumatic brain injury induced psychosis to six-figure virtual agency owner and founder of Virtual Assistant Internship.👏 Now the CEO of @thecontentbank, Esther travels the world with her husband and son and helps women around the world work online too. 🌐


What are your favorite podcasts run by women?? Drop your recs! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - Photo via weheartit


Today we're featuring Kathryn Reina (@katthecoder), a front end designer and developer passionate about the intersection of Art and Technology.🎨⌨️ She is the Lead Designer/Developer at the boutique branding agency @wickedplus in Los Angeles, CA. She has helped tech startups, retail companies, celebs and hotels establish their visual identity and tell their unique stories. Never in a thousand years did she think she would end up working in tech. She wanted to be an oil painter but tune in to hear about how she fell into tech and learned there is art to be found in code.✨ at Los Angeles, California


On Thursday, November 15, @techupforwomen is hosting a conference in NY dedicated to the advancement of women in technology through education, resourcing and networking. The event will focus on new technological advances, cyber security and different financing avenues for startups and privately held companies. This event will provide resources and opportunities for women to improve their digital literacy and successfully compete and disrupt gender imbalance in work environments.  Use Code WOMENINTECH for $75 off your ticket! (LINK: http://bit.ly/WIT-tech-up) Be sure to grab your tickets before they sell out! at Metropolitan West


Thoughts? 🤔


1. Identify your goals 2. Work backward to figure out the steps needed to accomplish them 3. Run towards them. -  Photo via @photographmag


"We're all in tech... All of our businesses operate off systems that make us more efficient... Then there's being a technologist, which is day-to-day building, innovating the systems and making them great for users to make their businesses more efficient." In our most recent story, Jamila Parham (@jamilaparham), founder of The Tech Unicorn (@thetechunicorns), discusses both the prevalence of tech in society and the scarcity of women of color in the tech industry. 👀  To hear about her entrepreneurial journey, head to our profile and check out our Latest Takeover!➡️➡️ - Photo via @telekomfashionfusion


Today’s takeover features Jamila Parham (@jamilaparham), founder of The Tech Unicorn (@thetechunicorns). Jamila's career has led her on a journey to become a Senior Project Manager leading the rollout of application development, operational improvement and innovative technologies for the various private and public sector industry leaders. Jamila is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., she happily served as the Events and Volunteer Lead for the Black Girls Code Chicago Chapter.  Jamila is very active in Chicago’s Tech Community as a STEM Advocate and Diversity and Inclusion champion. You will find her speaking on panels, working with teachers and students and uplifting her community. One of her many passions is advocating on behalf of under-represented communities in order to address the lack of diversity in STEM. 🦄


Imagine industries as progressive as their technology. - Photo via @namvo


Facts we're not okay with.


We're living in an era of redefinitions. - Photo via @peterdevito


A guiding question... 🧐🤔🤣


Stronger together. - Photo via gyalskin


Here’s to the women who remind us to walk in our purpose. Align with our vision. Never compromise on our values.✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻✊🏼


Labor | Leisure | Rest | Repeat 🔄🕑⚖ Take a little time during your day to restore balance in your life 😌 Your body and mind will thank you. - Photo via @ladybossglasses

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