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The life in light, Mountain rays 📸: @nathanaelbillings #wondermore


Colorado fall colors 🍁🍂🍁 Where are some of your favorite places to visit during fall? ~ 📸: @joelymm #wondermore at Crystal Mill


Hi, @eventyr here with my final post. In the winter I spend most of my time hunting the Northern Lights. The lights are visible between September- late March. If you ever visit Tromsø, feel free to contact me and maybe we'll go hunting together. I also do phototours with the guys at Nordicphototours.net. Feel free to check out my account and our website for more info about the phototours. Thanks for your time everyone! #wondermore at Skibotn


@eventyr here again with my second post. Now I'll introduce you to one of my favorite spots from the Faroes. It shows you the most of what the Islands have to offer. Beautiful coastlines and incredible views. You better be careful at the Edge here, you don't want to fall down! #wondermore at Faroe Islands


Hi there, this is @eventyr with my first post of my takeover. I'm a landscape/Northern lights photographer, based in the Northern part of Norway. Lately, I've been travelling around in Scandinavia exploring the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Finland. Here is a shot from Tjørnuvik, Faroe Island 🇫🇴 ~ #wondermore at Tjørnuvík, Faroe Islands


Silhouettes and sunsets 🌅 👤📸: @ravivora #wondermore at Los Angeles, California


Daydreaming of Norway ~ 📸: @daniel_ernst #wondermore at Norway


Exploring the misterious forest 🌳 📸: @dylankato #wondermore at Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout


Campfire hangs are better with dogs ~ 📸: @mikeseehagel #wondermore


Favorite place for a good read! What's yours? ~ 📸: @elbunt #wondermore at Mount Marathon


Signs of Autumn ~ 📸: @takeshi.wa #wondermore at Japan


Cozy weekend getaway! Tag someone you'd like to bring here ~ 📸: @btonevibes #wondermore at Adirondack Mountains

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