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•Hand Crafted, Limited Edition products for you and your pets• •Home of our signature Crystal Collection,Clear Resin Dog tags and Bandollars•🌿🌲🌱

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Oh deer!! Have you guys taken advantage of our Woodland Creature sale? Get 15% off your Creatures tag until Sept.29th! No code needed! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• We are so close to 250 sales! I decided to wait to ship the 6 packages I have today, until tomorrow so I can ship more in one day! I'm expecting to have 10 packages shipped by tomorrow and currently waiting on more shipping bags to come in the mail! They should be in later today🤞🏻until then I will be working on tags all day and night to make sure they are ready for tomorrow! I'm so glad you guys are loving our new releases, and taking advantage of our Halloween sale too! Thank you all for the constant support and love! You guys are what keeps me going💪🏼👏🏻👏🏻


Our Woodland Creatures collection have been a hit! This sassy bear has to be one of my favorites! Hope you all are loving our new selection of tags! Let us know in the comments what you would like to see from us next and we will make it happen🙌🏻🙌🏻 Don't forget these tags are on sale until Sept. 29th take advantage of it while you can! ❤️❤️


Woodland Creatures fall addition tags are now available on our shop! We are starting this release off with 15% off no coupons needed! This sale will last until Sept 27th. Make sure you grab yours while they are on sale! Also don't forget that our Halloween tags are 30% off until Sept. 26th! Take advantage of this sale while you can❤️


Swipe to see our new Halloween additions and save some money this weekend! 👻👹👻 That's right! 30% off all Halloween tags! Thank you all for the continued support and love! I will be listing our Fall collection of tags tomorrow🌲🔥🐾check our story for sneak peeks if you want to see what's in the works now! 🙈🙈


Did you know our tags are completely water proof? The clear coat that we use actually repels water, and won't absorb any moisture while you are on your adventures! So....adventure on wild ones, and don't be afraid to get your tag muddy! 🌲🌲🐾P.S in the next few weeks I'm having care cards made to add to your order❤️


Some tags that went out today and some tags that are going out tomorrow! Thank you all for 226 sales, 124 shop favorites and 24 five star reviews⭐️ You guys are what keep me going and I couldn't be more grateful for all the support and love you guys have been showing me these last couple of weeks🙌🏻🙌🏻 Hope you all love your new tags! Can't wait to see your pups rocking them! ❤️


Custom tags are one of our favorite tags to do! These beauties are going out to our friends @oreo_the_corgi and his brother @babybear_thecorgi❤️❤️❤️! These tags represent serotonin and epinephrine! Serotonin is the happy chemicals in your brain, and epinephrine is the fight inside of you! (for our sassy pups)I think this is absolutely adorable! And I can't wait for these pups to receive their new tags😍😍


We need your help creating a new logo! Usually we are the ones creating but now we are leaving it up to you! We love getting to know all of you individually and would love to see what you guys could come up with for us😍 In exchange for a logo and banner for our shop and future website photos, We will be giving away two custom laser engraved tags 🌲🌲🌲 What we ask from you: •Give us a •Share this photo, with your logo •Tag us and use #WLCLOGO so we can see your posts! •Keep it simple and easy to read! • Please no copy righted photos/logos •This contest will last until September 29th, winners will be announced shortly after! 🌲🌲🌲 We love anything nature related, compasses, trees lines, mountains, you name it! If you would like to get a feel of our style a little more feel free to DM me and we can collaborate on some ideas together😍😍


Fall is here and so are our sunflowers! Check this tag out on our "Flower Child Collection" 🌻🌻 ••• Also I would really love to hug each and everyone of you for the support you guys have showed us!❤️❤️We have currently made over 100 tags, in just a weeks time and still more to be made! We've sent over 34 packages and currently still have 62 orders to be filled😱😱 You guys are AMAZING. And to everyone who has already received their tag, PLEASE leave us some feedback! We always want to know what we can change, or upgrade! And your feedback helps us MILLIONS. ❤️❤️


Where are our wild pups at?! This tag was made for you! Are you worried about your wild pup possibly breaking our wooden tags? Don't worry we have got you covered! Our tags come with a life time warranty, if anything happens to them that is clearly our fault we will send you another tag for free! This does not cover if you lose your tag or if your dog chewed your tag.


Represent your home state with our new laser engraved tags!😍😍These ones are always super fun to do! I love getting to know all you guys personally and figuring out a bit of your style. I can't thank you guys enough for the support you have given me these last couple of days. I am really so happy that you guys are diggin' these tags! Remember we can put contact info on the opposite side of the tags free of charge! Don't forget to add it into the sellers notes at checkout 🐾🌲


Hey everyone🤙🏼 packages were shipped on Thursday and tracking number have been sent to your emails! So expect your new tags soon!😍😍The next batch of packages will be sent on Monday❤️ Today is the last day to use our 40% off coupon code! So make sure you get your orders in today and save some money! Use code: CREATE40 ❤️ Thank you everyone for your support and love we are working hard to make sure packages are shipped in a reasonable time frame🌲🌲


Who likes taking hikes with their dogs?! 🌲🐾This tag was made just for you! Show it off to your friends, or have all the dogs jealous at the dog park. 🐕🐩Our tags aren't only made for dogs but humans too💁🏼 Contact info can be added to the backside of your tag, free of charge! Want this tag?! USE CODE CREATE40 for 40% off your total order amount until Friday at midnight😱😱 •• Also quick update for you guys! We have made over 60 tags! 25 orders are being shipped out today, and we are currently working on the rest of the orders as we speak😬We have surpassed our goal of 200 sales!❤️ and I'm seriously so excited for you guys to see your new tags😭😭


Halloween is approaching👻🎃👻 And we have just want you need for your spooky activities. Pick from our Halloween favorites, or create your very own custom tag from scratch! •• We also wanted to let you guys know we are now at 194 sales🔥! We have collected over 65 orders in 4 days! You guys are so amazing! We have also made a total of 57 tags in just this short amount of time with orders still rolling in! First round of packages will be sent out on Thursday! I'm literally so excited for you guys to see your tags in person! 😍😍🐾🐾 •• Let us know in the comments which Halloween tag is your favorite🕸🕸


You guys are so amazing! We have managed to rack up 51 orders in three days since our release😱😱 honestly I'm so excited but still a little nervous at the same time! You guys are keeping us busy over here! But I couldn't thank you enough for the support.❤️ y'all are seriously amazing! Most of the questions I have been asked is ,if we put the contact info on the back of our tags?! And the answer is YES! Each tag comes standard with photo on one side and contact info on the other side❤️ don't forget to write the info you want on the backside of your tag in the sellers notes at check out👏🏻👏🏻 ❤️❤️ thank you all again for your support and love! I'm honestly blown away with this outcome😭😭


You guys honestly make me want to cry😭😭! The support we have received on our new laser engraved tags is seriously blowing me out of the water! If your interested in seeing our process or have any questions about our tags feel free to DM and ask questions! We can always work something out❤️ This collection of tags is called "The Dreamer" one of my top favorite collections! ❤️❤️


WOW! You guys absolutely blew me away on our first day of our tags being live! As a thank you for your support we will be running a sale today and tomorrow! Use code THANKU15 for 15% off your order! And yes, everyone is welcome to use this code! Thank you guys a million times for this outcome! I'm so excited for y'all to see your new tags! For an additional 10% let us know in the comments your most favorite tag❤️


Safe to say our Mountaineer collection of tags seem to be a top favorite! I love them too😭 I'm so glad you guys are eating up these tags, we've been planning and preparing for this day for almost 2 months! 😱 you guys are the best! ❤️❤️Wondering who our 10th sale will be🤔🤔 🌲🌲 •Thank you everyone for your support and I'm so excited for you to see your new tags in person! 🌲🌲

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