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Can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing reopening of our shop! I really hope you guys love the new website and options we have now. I’ll be having our blow out sale until Saturday🙌🏽. Also, if you have placed a custom/portrait order I will be working on them on Saturday so look out in your emails or DM’s from me wanting to collaborate and make sure you love everything before it’s final. Hope everyone is having an amazing week, I’ll be posting some sneak peeks on my story today after work of what we’ve been working on☺️❤️


Open now and better then ever. I know you’ve guys have been waiting a while...so why not kick off the website launch with a sale! Get 40% percent off on our original tags. 20% off on custom hand painted tags. And 30% off on our flower tags! Also now you can even subscribe and become apart of the WoodlandCreates pack. Get special codes to use and keep up with our new arrivals and special deals! I hope you guys love it. And I can’t wait to hear your feedback about the new site!


Good morning guys! Me and Nova are just about settled in the RV. (Lol we’ve been sleeping in her thru the whole process) What that means is I finally have my own space to do my craft. Before I worked out of a closet made into a desk space. It feels so good to finally have something of my own, that I can make exactly how I wanted. I guess my question here is, would you guys like to see our travels/before and after on this page? Or should we keep it strictly tags and business? I hope to eventually travel across the states and meet some of my friends/ customers and maybe even hand deliver a couple tags. My website I just about done! I’m adding my models discount codes to use and fixing a few other things that have been bothering me. I’m super excited for the final reveal. And I’m so excited to finally be able to take off on a long needed adventure. I’ll be starting off on the east coast to see how it goes being solo and then hopefully going west for the summer! #rv #vintagerv #rvconversion #travel #woodland #adventureawaits #offgridliving #vanlife #1982 #modernvintage #woodlandcreatesco #solotravel #traveldog at New Jersey


Bare with me guys🙌🏽 I haven’t forgotten about you! The shop will be up and running again soon once I’m over all these obstacles I’ve been facing. I’m so glad to have such a supportive team. And I’m so glad you guys are excited for the new website! •also if anyone is wondering my first surgery, it went well and totally wasn’t as a bad as I thought. My mom managed to get a funny video of me congratulating the surgeon about 10 times. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ sWOLLEN like a chipmunk for a few days but once I’m back to normal the shop will be open for sales! 🍻


Some final touches on the website and we will be up and running in no time! Our new hieroglyphics are added and some new arrivals have been added too! Thank you guys for being so patient! — Tomorrow I’ll be getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed😳 I’ve been avoiding this for a while because of my large fear of doctor/dental offices. Something about the smell really freaks me out. Does anyone else have irrational fears? If so how do you control them?


About a week left until we reveal our new website, new prices, and new options. Who’s ready!? I’m so excited to show you guys! - •This week has been a rough one for me, so please be patient as I get back into the swing of things, I needed a short break from, work, the internet and people in general. This weather really affects my mood, and creativity in general. Remember we are all human and need breaks sometimes. Who else gets a little grey during the winter months?


Bill Bill from @talesofagoldenirishlife steals a pizza my heart every time I see him rocking our tags😭 Bill is rocking our limited edition “Sweet Thang” tag, did you get ahold of your own Valentine tags?


Doug is the kind of dog I would pet for hours, don’t you agree? @dougandellie_unleashed • For those of you who haven’t seen our story, we will be putting shop on vacation mode for a little to catch up on open orders, and reorganize the website, add new designs, and host a sale shortly after. I haven’t had a sale in a while, because last one I had it didn’t go exactly as planned🙈🙈 but if you guys are patient and ready for a hella good sale, stick around and I’ll be announcing sale dates soon 😇


2 things that make my insides really happy. 🤗🤗 1. Seeing a cute pupper rocking our tags! 2. Seeing TWO mega cute ,super matchy, puppers rocking our tags! I mean come on😫😫😫aren’t these two absolutely adorable?!


I probably won’t leave his video up for long because I hate how unorganized my feed looks when there are videos on it, but here’s a quick time lapse of a hand painted butterfly with glitz and glam for our friends @bulliesgonewild 😍😍 hope you guys love it! Would you like to see more time lapse videos in the future? Let me know in the comments!


When your dog can match better then you😱 swipe to see this amazing collection of accessories paired perfectly with @indie_pittie ‘s new custom “Pretty Pitty Commitee” tag. The rose pink FREEDOM LEAD from @savagethredz customized perfectly to match our shop logo, and our new custom sweater from @thepassportpuppy that I’m totally drooling over! So soft and cute. Do you match your pets accessories? If so, tag me in some of your favorite pet accessory shops! I always love pairing our tags with new fun shops! 😍😍


Probably one of my new favorites😍❤️You guys have been beating my DM’s up about this donut tag😂🍩 I’m thinking about starting a collection of food tags🍩🍕🌮🍔🥑🍣 what do you guys think?


Who else got their hands on a @savagethredz lead?! This crimson red lead is a perfect match with our Valentine tags❤️😍🥀 Swipe to see our most popular Valentine tag paired with the most versatile leash on the market😍 Be sure to check out @savagethredz for your own beautiful, durable, hand made leash. With lots of colors, and custom options to choose from I’m sure you guys will find the perfect leash to match your new custom tag❤️ #wlccustomfam


One of my personal favorites from the Valentines collection💝😂🙈 what is yours🤔🤔? • • And yes, I totally posted twice in one day😬 I just wanted to let you guys know that I I’ll only be making 10 of each of our Valentines collection tags. With our holiday tags, I like to keep them exclusive and limited. I’d like to think that’s what keeps our shop unique and fun🙈🙈 There are only a few made, and they are made with pure love💝


Now released💘 Check out our website to see closeups of our new Valentine tags! I know you guys have been super excited for these. So I released them a little earlier then planned. I hope you love them! Please let me know if you have any custom Valentine ideas, I’d be happy to work with you to make you a tag that fits best for you❤️


Who has been waiting for this sneak peek🙈💝 you guys KNOW I suck at surprises so here’s your small sneak peek until tomorrow 😍💝 Hope you love what you see so far!


Absolutely love this photo of @life.love.lena rocking her dainty white floral tag! Match anything with this simple yet spoken tag. Her red collar has me ready to release the Valentine’s Day tags🙈😍❤️🌲 Photo by: @debbypasewald


Nothing quite as satisfying as seeing all tags come together to match perfectly😍💙 This set is going out to @greysongreyghost 💙 I think it will look amazing against his coat!What about you?! 🌲 #wlccustomfam

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