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Another great video and example of training. People ask often why I don’t post a lot, it’s because there are very few people putting out quality working dog content, and I don’t want to post bullshit filler for an instagram algorithm. ⁣ ⁣ Great training video from @highdrivek9 displaying the importance of the dog targeting and staying engaged with a passive decoy, while a second restrained decoy agitates the dog. Great work.


@loutercreek preserving the working standard for Poodles


With the increase of people posting bullshit training and decoy videos just to get likes and attention, with no real care for progressing the dog or the handler- real videos that showcase REAL training are becoming far and few. Thankfully there are people like @torchlightk9 @high_risk_deployment_k9 that are out there doing legitimate work that is actually worth sharing, reposting and supporting.


@nicoletran978 being a badass taking bites from a dog @j.ricciok9 her size like a champ


Enzo @ocsdk9enzo from the @ocsdk9unit wishing you a happy and safe Sunday. Thank you for your service!


😂😂😂 @dparks23


Equal opportunity crotch bites. @k9_kelsey


🔥🔥🔥 @k9experienceinc @tree_trunk_timmy


Monster of land and water. @workingdogshit


Happy Birthday to Mr. Reaver! 81 years old and still out here being a badass. Video courtesy of @jmiranda_ak9.


No extensive raw food prepping days for us with feeding the pups @wefeedraw. Especially after working 15 hour days, everyday I don’t have the time or want to do that. Big thank you to @wefeedraw for making it possible for us to spend those hours training our dogs instead of prepping their food!⁣ ⁣ (Whole fish and chicken hearts from @nakedbeastssnacks)


Anybody else have their dog tattooed on them? Awesome portrait done on @saucyclam666 of Nero.