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#HypeBeast 1.5 🦍❌🦈 at Las Vegas Strip


Throw back to my First love🔵 at Las Vegas Strip


The ⚫️side needs some hype.. stay tuned @impressivewrap at Downtown Disney District


Spool Gang 🐌 @sheepeybuilt @signature_wheel_lambo at Las Vegas Strip


I didn't travel thousands of miles to survive or just fit in; I won't let a single soul hold me back, I appreciate all the love/support/Dms people thank me for inspiring them when in fact they are the ones inspiring me to keep going and growing... #positiveVibes #lamborghini #lambo #lamborghinihuracan #huracan #huracantalk #blacklist #carswithoutlimits #carlifestyle #mansory #bagged #cupgang #itswhitenoise #v10 #lp610 #superstreet #blessed #twinturbo #bape #mansoryedition #carbonFiber #stance #stanceNation #amzaingcars247 #carsofinstagram #carporn #instadaily #instalike #supercar at Disneyland California Adventures


I think I stare at my car at shows more than any spectator lol... #ThankGod 📸@bryann_zilla


Apparently I'm ugly aF, Fat aF and that's why I don't post myself and only my cars... so here's this for the record and F what u think.. #HiHater at Las Vegas Strip


Amazing ✍🏼hand drawing by @darko_iker_art at Las Vegas Strip


Hater Season in full effect, nothing I'm not accustomed to so bring it on boy... at Orange County California


#DoneRight 🕺🏼 📸by @camberaman at Disneyland


Some one asked me what's my ultimate dream.. when I was a bit younger I used to dream of usual shit, unlimited cars, money, houses etc... now that I'm getting older (29) I've come to the realization that my dreams and goals aren't non of the above .. fuck that non ending race. Taking care of my family and make their dreams come true is my purpose in this life and it truly makes me happier than and fuckin car or material shit I've had.. the power to give/provide/change people's lives is the ultimate dream ✍🏼 📸 by @neil.foto at City of Los Angeles


Barricades Ain't Holdin Me' 📸by @camberaman at Las Vegas Strip


What's reallyyyy good this weekend ?! Need some behind the wheel therapy🔑 at Anaheim, California


It's crazy how much attention this car gets lol I thought I was getting a low-key daily 🤷🏻‍♂️can't wait to get it tuned and lightly modded... at Las Vegas Strip


🅱️asic at Las Vegas Strip


Good Night 💤 @accuair @boden_autohaus


Video by @seenthroughglass .. Leaving @targatrophy07 w my boys nasty 1400 hp GTR @phantom_0321

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