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It’s raining 😕 There’s yet another update I don’t understand 🙁 what does ‘scan a name tag’ even mean ☹️haven’t had a name tag since school 😣worrying times for the dusty grammer 😦 #pleaseexplain #insimplewords at Herefordshire


First, you attract your passing instagrammer with pinkness and a bike 💗 then you entice them in with CAKE? Well played @pinkvintagecheltenham well played 👏🏼 at Pink Vintage


Hydrangeas used to remind me of old ladies who ran dusty B&Bs. Now I’m one of those. Feel like I’m running a B&B (unpaid) most of the time anyway. So now I think they’re sophisticated and elegant... like moi #floralguff


Hey Mr Blue Sky, don’t give up on us just quite yet 🙏🏼


This is where you’ll find me. In the garden, taking a picture that suggests I have spent the summer lazing under a tree. Which to be honest is partially true 🌿 at Herefordshire


There’s a chapter in the Loafer’s Handbook on flower arranging. It’s very brief, basically get a vase and donk the flowers in. For a while I’ve felt this didn’t really cut the mustard for me, so last week @alihomer27 and I took ourselves off to @honeysuckle_and_hilda to learn more, and look! LOOK!! I got to photograph the famous milking stool. And meet Hilda. My flowers aren’t half bad either! Claire, you’re a star 💫 thank you! 🤗


One of my favourite buildings in Bristol 💙 because of the art of course, absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they serve alcohol here at The Full Moon And Attic Bar


Him “Good to see you taking the bike out. Where you going?” Me “Err... to the shed door?” #averyshorttrip at Herefordshire


Four days of rain and twenty seven days of sun is my sort of July 👏🏼 I’d be quite happy for a repeat, August, quite happy👌🏼 #justsaying at Herefordshire


Someone asked me if I had bought Bullet for the purposes of instagram, but seeing as he is 13 I think he predates this little app! It did make me realise that puppies do seem to be the new accessory on here, which is all good in my eyes. A new opportunity for bumper sticker makers though perhaps..... after all, dogs are for life, not just Instagram 🐕 at Herefordshire


So Furnace Friday has been survived. Watch out for Seriously Windy Saturday, and not just because someone near me had beans for breakfast 💨


Looks like I’m going to be industrious? Non, just going to whip up a mojito and read my favourite summer cookbook under a tree. What’s your favourite summer cookbook? Just to look at mind. No cooking whatsoever shall be done in this house today ☀️🔥 #kitcheninferno at Herefordshire


It may not look that hot but I can tell you it was scorchio at the top of the Cabot Tower at the weekend. However, there was the faintest of breezes to soothe my fevered brow, a brow made extra fevered by the 110 step climb to get to the top 😏 at Bristol, United Kingdom


Another week, another weather record, but have we beaten 1976 yet? A summer I remember as mostly being lived in twilight because my mother kept all the curtains closed to keep ‘the wretched heat’ out 😏 at The Idle Rocks


To be without a care in the world, now that it is summer 🌿 at Herefordshire


Time was when foxgloves were thought of as weeds. Now they have their own stand at Chelsea and a Spotify playlist to boot. Blooming right I say 🌿 #couldbefakenews at Chelsea Flower Show


So many reasons why this couldn’t be my garden (no weeds, swept paths, luxury greenhouse 🙈) same reasons why I’d like it to be my garden 🌿 at England


A dress waiting for it’s third generation wearer. I have only the vaguest memory of wearing this dress, I spent most of my childhood in hand-me-downs, being the youngest of three. Of course I’m absolutely in favour of handing clothes on, but a particular low point for me was having to wear my brother’s scratty anorak on the first day of a new school. Scarring really 😂 tell me I’m not alone here? #handmedowntales

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