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Gardens at First Light

Do you remember playing shopkeepers aged 5? Well this is exactly what my fantasy shop looked like👌🏼 at Albion


I know this isn’t technically #knolling as the objects aren’t placed at 90 degrees to each other, but I do love an autumnal fern and anyway I never usually bother with technicalities 🌿


All I can say is Harvey Wallbanger, you are one hell of a guy🍸 #cocktailofchampions at London, United Kingdom


Some Friday faffery and the exciting news that today it is National Harvey Wallbanger day which I tend to celebrate responsibly and to the max. I don’t think I’ve actually ever had a Harvey Wallbanger cocktail, so I’ll be ticking the ‘do something new everyday’ box too. Thanks Harvey! 🍸


🧡All🧡the🧡autumn🧡feels🧡 #snazzycaption at Fournier Street


The person I married loves a leaf blower. It’s one of those man toys I don’t entirely see the point of. Don’t the leaves just blow back again and oh lord the noise, sometimes I think they make machines noisy just so you KNOW THEY ARE WORKING VERY HARD. Anyway, luckily these leaves have escaped his notice, I expect he’ll be firing up the beast in the next few minutes though 🙉 at Herefordshire


When I was in London last week I met up with the lovely Annabel of @bleakhouse.london and we went on one of her London walks that she has devised. She showed me some places where Bodyguard had been filmed and for a minute this country bumpkin got more than a little giddy 🤩🤩 #bleakhouseguides at Bedford Square


And just like that, with the first hard frost of the season the trickle of falling leaves becomes a flurry until the ground is thick with a swirling mass of colour, and this glorious autumn will soon be just a memory 🍂 at Herefordshire


Some autumn #knolling of supreme browness. Brown used to be my favourite colour at school, then I grew up and thought it was totes unsophisticated, but maybe it’s creeping back in again now 🍂 . . I’m really enjoying seeing your knolling pictures 😀 I’ll put my favourites in my stories today. Keep ‘em coming and #keeponknolling 🎵


Bullet likes Autumn. He particularly likes the effect of photoperiodism that causes senescence in foliage. Me? I just like the colour of the leaves 🍁 #thatautumnmagic at Herefordshire


Time for cosy afternoons in the pub? It’s about to get colder! #thisissutumn at The Greenman


A Sunday afternoon walk in the woods, with full bellies and happy hearts. You’ll do Autumn, you’ll do 🍂 at Forest of Dean


Isn’t it brilliant how you plant tiny seeds and they grow into great big veggies. Something weird has been going on this year though, because for reasons of public decency I can’t show you most of my butternut squash collection. I suppose I could put them up in my stories. If you don’t mind having your eyeballs assaulted you could look. But then I’ll know you’ve looked #vegporn #literally at Herefordshire


I have a friend coming to stay today who’s a neat freak. This is excellent when we go and stay with her, but when they come here, it makes me a bit, well, nervous 😬 I’ve got about 6 hours to transform this house from looking as if Miss Haversham recently lived here, to one of hotel quality cleanliness 😞 and that doesn’t mean the shithole in Bayswater I once stayed in. Pity really #flowersandotherstories at Herefordshire


Would you? 🍽Could you? 🍽 at Herefordshire


The joy of #knolling for that is what this is called. Thanks @annicariad1 for putting a name to it. Only look at the hashtag if you are willing to lose hours of your time. There’s just something so fascinating about all those tiny objects carefully arranged by colour or size. Or maybe you think ‘meh’ in which case we will probably never be friends. Whichever... expect knolling spam from here on in #sorrynotsorry


I’m feeling heiter! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with the very lovely Kiki @heitermagazine I am now thinking about things that make me cheerful and learning to savour them. And talking about savouring.... I may have been first in the queue for lunch, it smelt so gooooood! It tasted👌🏼too, @simpsonsisters pretty please tell me you do meals on wheels 🙏🏼 . . Thanks also to @smallestlight for a wonderfully scent filled aromatherapy workshop 🍂 at Oak Tree Barn


The river looks so calm and peaceful. I wonder if they realise that just beyond the bridge I’m standing on the Wye rapids begin 😬 where I had to be rescued from a rock after refusing to go ANY FURTHER 👸🏼 #alifeofadventure #probablynot at River Wye

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