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I really do like to be beside the winter sea, it’s so bracing and cobweb chasing. Beside the winter sea mind, not IN the winter sea 🌊 at West Wittering


January jetsam, the result of a walk in the woods and a rainy afternoon 🦔


Aim for 2018 was to excite you with all sorts of personal shit, starting with the house where I live. Unfortunately the house where I live is shrouded in mist. Soz, it’s been that sort of winter 😏


Virtually empty streets, a lone couple huddled against the cold. Having a proper yearn for spring today 😔 at Rye, East Sussex


Looks like it’s back to #mistyfoggymilkymoody days


First 10 days of January achieved (almost) flowers needed slash deserved ✨


January essentials. Sofa just out of shot ☕️ #loaferlife


Tea and cake and putting the world to rights at Bailey’s. And quietly forgetting the #nocakeinjanuary rule. Stupid rule anyway at Baileys Home & Garden


Aim for 2018 : Don’t sweat the small stuff : currently sweating the incredibly small stuff, namely the buggering Christmas tree needles in every nook and cranny of my house : first resolution shot 😔 at Yat Rock


S’long ‘17 👋🏼


Finally coming out of a food coma, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. An elephantine butterfly🐘🦍🙈 at Herefordshire


Happy Christmas! 💋


There’s someone I know who’d really like a white Christmas🎄I wouldn’t mind one either #myfestivelife


I bought this wreath over 15 years ago, when I thought I was far too cool for a regular wreath and this one was ironic in a post modernist way. Even though I didn’t actually know what that meant. Over the years it’s become a familiar part of our Christmas and I love this tangle of twigs that gets more scraggy every year. HOWEVER when I opened it’s box this year, a family of mice had made their home in the centre of it. Dear reader I squeaked 🐁😭


The big guy still visits this house every Christmas Eve🎅🏽although his name has been shortened to Fat Chris🎅🏽a bit rude really, considering the amount of effort ‘he’ goes to🎅🏽to delight and amuse my four little cherubs🎅🏽(ages 30 to 21 and three quarters)


Not quite 2 and posing like a boss. Just as long as I get my snap within 4.5 seconds🏃🏼‍♀️ #shutterspeedy


95% of the people who live in rural Herefordshire have 4x4’s, the other 5% have only lived here for 6 months 😏It’s just a matter of winter survival. But on Tuesday even my trusty 10 year old landy failed me when the diesel froze in it’s pipes❄️❄️a pity really as that was the day I was going to do ALL my Christmas shopping! Still got next week though🎄


A certain someone who is quite happy to savage any dog we meet on a walk but can’t bare to let his paws touch the snow 🐾❄️don’t worry Bullet, it’s starting to thaw #myfestivelife

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