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Keep chasing dreams and people will want to hear your stories. Dream big, set goals and go after them. If you want an extra push in the Instagram department, check out our guide.


We like to think that negative comments are a rare occurence, but this is the internet where trolls love to lurk. Don't dwell on bs comments from people who are just jealous, bored or seeking attention. Delete negative comments and move on or block their account and be done with them for good.


Use your bio to link to a freebie in exchange for email addresses. It's a great way to ensure that you will always be able to get in touch with your followers outside of Instagram and helps you to build trust with your audience for paid products in the future.


Asking questions is a great way to keep your audience engaged and the comments flowing. More comments also means higher engagement rates which will help you show up at the top of the search results for your hashtags.


If your images feature another user or another companie's product, tagging them is a good way to get their attention. It may even get you featured on their feed.


Be inspiring, not salesy. Instagram is all about community.


By commenting on other people's posts, they will be more likely to comment on yours. You will also show up in their comments feed and if their followers read your comment, they might engage with your account as well.


The best way to get more likes on your own posts is to like other people's. Search for people in your niche, or people who use the same hashtags and like away. When you like someone's post they will be more likely to like some of yours back.


Replying to comments not only engages your audience and creates super-fans, but it also increases your engagement rate which will help you show up in top hashtag searches. Try replying to comments with a question to keep the converstaion going and up your engagement even higher.


Instagram is a community for sharing authentic content, not for being salesy. But it's still ok to include calls to action in your caption to increase engagement rates. Ask people for their opinions or ask them to click the link in your bio. Try not to self-promote in more than 30% of your posts.


You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram and we recommend using as many as possible. Hide your hashtags in the first comment to keep your caption from looking spammy, but do it quickly after posting. You need to add hashtags in the comments within the first minute or so for them to rank in searches.


Adding a location to your posts gives you one extra way for your image to be found in searches. Be careful though, Instagram only wants location added if you are posting a photo of that location. It can detect if your photo consists mostly of facial features and will down-rank your post. ••• Want even more ways to master Instagram? Check out our Instagram story for a special deal. Only available for 24 hours. 🤐 at Iceland


Think of your feed like a gallery. All of your images should look good when viewed together, and an eays way to do that is my sticking to a theme. That could mean posting the same type of subject matter, editing in the same style, using the same filters or the same color palette.


There are over 500 million monthly active users on Instagram. What are you doing to stand out? Our paid guide will help you take things to the next level.


The easiest way to target a following on Instagram is to pick a niche, and then post images and interact with other users who are active in that niche. Search for hashtags related to the type of photography you do, and like, comment or follow other people who are posting.


Put a lot of attention into your bio. Tell users about your story and focus on what makes you different. Be intriguing so people will be more interested in following you. at Yosemite, Glacier Point


Your profile photo will show up as a tiny circular image, so make sure it's noticeable and easy to see. Think about how you can make your image stand out against other profile photos and grab the viewer's attention.


Use keywords in the first two sections of your profile to show up in seraches for those keywords!

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