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Hi I’m Elmo & this is my world. . Dw this was taken pre-social distancing !!


It still hasn’t quite hit me yet that this semester is really over. I haven’t fully processed the loss that we just experienced - parting with friends, canceled opportunities, memories yet to be made. - This is the one time @harvardexpressions has had to say, “No, the show must not go on.” My incredible Direx @ninaforevah306 @kenn_pao @ma.hea.lani @sanyoonipero @izzyshaw18 fought until the end to keep any hope afloat for the company, my 32 BOMB dancers (13 of whom were seniors) stayed enthusiastic until the end, the company of over 150 people and EDC community of many hundred more stayed strong for each other and was a place of solace when the school left us in the dark. - Thank you for this semester, Expressions. I hope I served you well and was the Exec you could depend on. While the pain of saying goodbye can’t be erased, I do think our company prevails with love, support, and a shared passion above else. And this isn’t the end - the choreographers and Direx aren’t done scheming! We’re here for you because you’ve always been there for us. Much love forever to my Harvard heart and home ❤️ - Music: RIP ARETHA by Dreezy All credits to the artist🎶


Yardfest is NOW ! 🙃


One last hurrah before Zoom 🥵


Happy belated Valentine’s, my love❤️ wouldn’t want to change outfits and run to the shuttle in sub-3 minutes for anybody else(:


The movie “The Ice Princess” tells the story of a girl who decides to pursue her love for ice skating over attending Harvard. But why choose? Our next act has been dancing for over 17 years, continuing to chase her passion for dance while at Harvard, with many thanks to the scholarships and support afforded by this pageant. Performing a jazz piece to “It’s Oh So Quiet” from “The Ice Princess” is your Miss Starr’s Mill 2015, Yuri-Grace Ohashi. . Music: “It’s Oh So Quiet” - Lucy Woodward, The Ice Princess Choreography: @yuri_grace Video: @clarencewhitee Many thanks to @starrsmillhs @sydneyturnier @jturnier @antonelakljajic & co.


So far, we’ve spent all of 2020 looking for Av’s stack cup video 🧐 📸 @v.samimi


The 20s are back and better than ever 🥂🍾 #NYE #2020 #NewYear #Roaring20s


Over the mountain & through the woods, to gma’s house we go 🌞


1st time tapping in 4 (or more¿) years + 50 turn attempts later 👯‍♀️


Merry Christmas and lots of blessings from the Bridges-Ohashi family to your & yours 🥰


Finally celebrating K’s 21st (& a half) 🥂