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Since 1865, authenticity, daring and pleasure guide the Manufacture Zenith in pushing excellence, precision and innovation beyond existing frontiers.

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While originally conceived by Zenith at the start of the 21st century, the patented "Gravity Control" mechanism, composed of 139 components has been entirely redesigned and optimised to increase its efficiency while reducing its dimensions. The gyroscopic module now occupies only 30% of its original volume, fitting perfectly between the two flat sapphire crystals of the Defy case. at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


By constantly keeping the regulating organ in a flat horizontal position at all times, like gimbal-mounted marine chronometers of past centuries, the Defy Zero G's “Gravity Control” gyroscopic module cancels the effects of gravity on the running rate of the watch at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


Defying gravity itself for the sake of uncompromising precision: Introducing the all-new Defy Zero G, an updated take on our "Gravity Control" module perfectly suited for the futuristic Defy case. at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


Getting into the high-frequency groove with @therealswizzz and the Defy El Primero 21 Swizz Beatz edition, limited to 5 examples in a white gold case entirely set with white diamonds. at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


As our friend @therealswizzz once said, "the sky is not the limit; it's just a view". The Defy collection is the horological manifestation of that philosophy. at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


If you're going to defy gravity, do it in style: Presenting the Defy Zero G Swizz Beatz edition, made in only 3 examples in brushed Titanium with orange accents at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


The all-new Defy Classic is available with the choice of an open dial with a stellar construction, or a more classical blue sunray-patterned dial, faithful to the original Zenith DEFY models of the 20th century. at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


The Defy Classic the venerable Elite calibre revisited and stylized in the same stellar, futuristic fashion as the Defy El Primero 21 and Defy Lab at Baselworld - The Watch and Jewellery Show


A new expression in the Defy’s futuristic horological dialect: Presenting the Defy Classic, a new line within the Defy collection with a stellar architecture. Crafted in a 41mm Titanium case with the choice of a Titanium bracelet, leather or rubber strap.


Vintage military aviation codes still relevant in 2018 with the Cronometro Tipo CP-2.


No-nonsense military aviation roots for a chronograph design that has stood the test of time: Cronometro Tipo CP-2.


When creating a timepiece with a utilitarian approach, legibility comes first. That's why the Cronometro Tipo CP-2 features bright luminescent pigments on the hands and hour markers, offering easy reading in all situations.

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