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Bagged RC 350 F-Sport Wrap - @atozwraps Parts - @tunergoods Wheels - @vertiniwheels #lexususa #rc350 #fsport_society #suprememodellista

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Frank Castillo
Vip Auto Salon, Inc.

The best part about Tuesday is that it’s not Monday. - - - 📸: @jg.photoz


The golden snitch in Harry Potter is nothing but a Ferrero Rocher on Red Bull. - - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: @vertiniwheels at Dallas, Texas


Clapping is just you hitting yourself when you’re happy 👏🏽. - - - #FrontendFriday (Ft. @thatkurd) at Rooftop Event Spot


Why does Drake care if Kiki loves him, when he only loves his mom and his bed? - - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: @vertiniwheels RF1.2 at Dallas, Texas


Relationships are just two people constantly asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies. - - - That work from @atozwraps though 🤤 hit them up for all your wrap needs! at A to Z Wraps & Graphix


Starting your day with an early morning run is a great way to make sure your day can’t get any worse than it started. - - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: @vertiniwheels Rf1.2


I’m making a graph of my past relationships, I have an “ex”-axis and a “why”-axis. 📉 at Dallas, Texas


If you’re no longer covered by your parent’s health insurance, your manufacturers warranty has expired. - - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: @vertiniwheels RF1.2 at Dallas, Texas


Being an adult is pretty easy, you just feel tired all the time and then you tell everyone how tired you are, and they tell you how tired they are. - - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: RF1.2 @vertiniwheels at Lewisville, Texas


I tried cleaning my glasses with Ketchup instead of water. It didn’t work very well, but Heinzsight is 20/20. at Heinz Tomato Ketchup


Why are there never any garages for sale at a garage sale? Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: RF1.2 @vertiniwheels at Dallas, Texas


Drinking juice without ice is just drinking ju 🥤 - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: RF1.2 @vertiniwheels at JU JU JUICE


If you put one lasagna on top of another lasagna, you have just one lasagna. - - - 📸: @officialstaticwolf


@jayasmar7 Always wrapping things up the right way between him and his customers. Pun definitely intended.


Setting up the WiFi in a new apartment is the modern equivalent of setting up a fire when lost in the woods. at HG Sply Co.


99% of microwaves come with a popcorn button that works 0% of the time.


It must suck dying in the living room. - - Wrap: @atozwraps Wheels: @vertiniwheels RF1.2 at Unknown


As a guy I’m glad society finds it normal for me to keep my hair short, because now the only thing I have to worry about letting down are my parents. - - Wheels: RF1.2 @vertiniwheels Wrap: @atozwraps at Sports Clips

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